Go ahead and use your fingers to sample
These tidbits, we all know they taste
better that way.

Satay S’Tay
Thin strips of chicken, marinated in coconut with a touch of curry, and barbecued to perfection. Served with peanut sauce and tangy cucumber salad. $9.95

Shrimp Chips Krao-Krieb-Goong
Puffy Thai shrimp Chips served with thai peanut sauce. $5.95

Thai Spring Rolls Porpia-Tod
Delicious spring rolls filled with our special vegetable mixture. Served with sweet and sour sauce $5.95

Shrimp Rolls Goong-Hor
Tiger shrimps wrapped in rice paper, crispy fried, and served with sweet and sour sauce $9.95

Fresh Spring Rolls Porpia-Sod
Spring Rolls with a difference! Not fried, served cold. Filled with bean sprouts, carrot, coriander and shredded egg in a soft rice paper wrapper. Served with sweet and sour sauce. $7.95

Golden Basket Kathong-Tong
Finely diced chicken and special vegetable mixture in pastry shells. $8.95

Golden Squid Pla-Muk-Tod
Crispy fried squid served with chilli sauce. $8.95

Appetizer Assortment
A choice combination of classic Thai appetizers served for two. $13.95

We will be more than happy to prepare our meals to suit the tastes of vegetarians.



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