Ginger Pork $13.95
Fresh ginger, juicy pork, dry mushrooms and onions are combined in this Thai classic.

Basil Pork $13.95
Sliced pork with sweet basil, chilli, garlic and sweet peppers.

Ginger Duck $14.95
Stir-fried boneless duck with spring onions, sweet peppers, ginger and fresh herbs.

Basil Scallops $16.95
Fresh scallops, ginger, onions, sweet peppers, and basil.

Spicy Chicken $14.95
Sliced chicken breast with special curry paste stir-fried with green beans.

Golden Curry mild $13.95
Chicken Breast with yellow curry paste and coconut cream.

Pineapple Shrimp Curry $16.95
Shrimps with fresh pineapple red curry paste and coconut cream.

Coconut Fish Curry $16.95
Deep fried rainbow trout with red hot curry sauce.

Noodle and Seafood $16.95
Tiger shrimps, Squid and mussels stir-fried with fresh egg noodles.

Tofu Cashew Nuts $12.95
Tofu with cashew nuts, sweet peppers, onions and our special Thai sauce.

Spicy Tofu $11.95
Tofu with mix vegetables, chilli, and sweet basil.



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