Weekday Lunch Specials

Lunch is served during the weekdays from 11:00am to 3:00pm with the exception of holidays. Each meal is served with Hot & Sour Soup and a spring roll and includes steam rice if the dish ordered is not a fried rice or noodle dish..

1.Red Curry Beef 18.Shrimp Curry
2.Green Curry Chicken 19.Tamarind Beef Curry
3.Vegetable Curry 20.Thai Fish Curry
4.Ginger Chicken 21.Dry Beef Curry
5.Basil Chicken 22.Basil Prawns
6.Basil Beef 23.Siamese Shrimps
7.Beef with Oyster Sauce 24.Bamboo Squid
8.Mixed Vegetables 25.Cashew Chicken
9.Pad Thai 26.Shrimp Cashew
10.Vegetarian Pad Thai 27.Fried Rice with Crab or Shrimp
11.Chicken or Vegetarian Fried Rice 28.Eggplant Delight
12.Pad See-Ew 29.Garlic Shrimps
13.Thai Chicken Noodle Soup 30.Chicken and Shrimps Basil
14.Glass Noodle stir-fry (Chicken or Vegetable) 31.Coconut Fish Curry
15.Garlic Beef 32.Golden Chicken Curry
16.Spicy Tofu 33.Tofu Cashew Nuts
17.Chicken & Mix Vegetables



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