Noodle Dishes

Thailand is known for its famous noodle dishes. Orchid Thai has many varieties of noodle dishes to satsfy our taste. Our vegan, or vegetarian diners can be assured that the noodles are made of rice while our glass noodles are made of bean.

Pad Thai (Can be made Vegetarian or vegan)
Authentic and interationally known for its tang, and hint of sweetness, Pad Thai is served with Rice noodles, along with Tiger Shrimps, and chicken breast cutlets.. $13.95

Seafood Noodle - Rad-na-Talay
Seafood Noodle is a savoury dish blended with a melody of Calamari, tiger shrimp, crab, mussel, and assorted green vegetables. $17.95

Spicy Noodles
A tangy rich stir fried sauce abundant in chicken, and mixed vegetables served over a bed of rice noodles. $13.95

Glass Noodle Chicken 
Sauteed sliced chicken breast with blass noodles, eggs, and a nice mixture of vegetables. $13.95



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