In Thailand soups are served in individual bowls
and are eaten as part of the meal. Soup is commonly used as a comfort food when ill. Combined with rice, the soups can make a main course themselves.

Lemon Prawn Soup Tom-Yam-Goong
The national soup of Thailand. Tiger shrimps in a lemony broth with lemon grass, straw mushrooms, lime leaf, fresh and lime juice.
(If you prefer we can substitute chicken for prawn) $5.95

Coconut Chicken Soup Tom-Kha-Gai
Tender morsels of chicken breast in a coconut broth flavoured with lime juice, lemon grass, and the Thai “khai” root.

Seafood Soup Poh-Taek
Tiger shrimps, squid, mussels in a lemony broth with straw mushrooms, lime leaf, lemon grass, and a fresh lime juice.

Thai Vegetables Soup Gang-Jerd-Pak
Mixed vegetables, glass noodles, in a vegetable broth in Thai seasoning.

Spicy Vegetable Soup Gang-Som
Mixed vegetables in a tamarind broth with a touch of Thai spices.




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