Curries from Thailand have a distinct sweetness that defines Thai curries from other curries.

Emerald Chicken Curry
Thailand's favourite curry, a treat for your taste buds. Chicken breast, curry, lime leaves, fresh Thai sweet basil, vegetables and coconut cream $14.95

Tamarind Beef Curry
Tender portions of beef in Thai curry, tamarind, coconut, potatoes and unroasted peanuts.

Vegetable Curry
Broccoli, carrots, baby corn, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tofu with the red curry paste and coconut cream.

Red Chicken Curry
Tender chicken breast with red curry paste, lime leaves, lemon grass, bamboo, green beans, fresh Thai sweet basil and vegetables. 

Red Beef Curry
Tender portions of beef with red curry, bamboo shoots, green beans, fresh basil and coconut cream. $14.95

Dry Beef Curry
Tender portions of beef in a thick red curry sauce with coconut cream, green long beans and peanuts. $14.95

Thai Fish Curry
Seasonal fish with a variety of fresh vegetables and Thai Red Curry in coconut cream. $14.95

Thai Shrimp Curry
Fresh Shrimps with red or green curry, lime leaves, fresh sweet basil, and fresh vegetables. $17.95



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