Salads with a difference. Crunchy raw vegetables in combination with spicy freshly cooked meats, set off by our special dressings with the zest of raw chillies. We are pleased to temper them to your taste.

Mango Salad Yum-Ma-Muang
Fresh green mango with peanut, red onions, mint coriander and lime juice. $8.95

Papaya Salad Som-Tum
Popular Thai salad. Shredded green papaya combined with tomatoes, green beans, lime and garlic dressing.

Beef Salad Yum-Nuer
Tendered grilled beef slices tossed in lime juice, onions, mint, and Thai seasonings. $10.95

Glass Noodle Salad Yum-Woon-Sen
Clear vermicelli noodles with ground chicken and shrimps seasoned with herbs and lime dressing.

Squid Salad Yum-Pla-Muk
The tenderness squid you ever tasted! Lightly steamed and dressed with a tangy combination of flavours, sour, salty and piquant. $10.95

Seafood Salad Goong-Plar
Tiger shrimps, mussels, squid, mixed with onions, lime juice, chilli and Thai herbs. $14.95

Shrimps Salad Goong-Par
Tiger shrimps mixed with onions, lime juice, cucumber, mint, lemon grass and Thai seasonings. $14.95



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